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Morocco’s mediterranean towns and cities consider themselves to be firmly European. The central cities, such as Fez, are firmly Arabic. Cities and towns further south have a very African feel and are just a day’s drive from the Sahara Desert.  Marrakech is where these two great cultures hit Africa. It is a unique and fascinating combination.

Marrakech has it all. It is where camel trains from the south arrive with their wares to sell. It is a centre for Islamic schools and one of the most fascinating bazaars in the Arab world. The New Town is home to a large French community, with a thriving art and fashion scene, and where boulangeries stock fresh bread and croissants.

Winston Churchill looked out from La Mamounia Hotel, and called Marrakech “the loveliest spot in the world.” It is hard to disagree. There are lush gardens surrounded by dry desert, and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the background.

All the ingredients are here for a great holiday for those with an adventurous spirit!